Delight Review : Maragatha Nanayam aka Marakatha Mani

Delight Review : Maragatha Nanayam aka Marakatha Mani


Cast & Crew Details :

Cast: Aadhi, Ananda Raj, Arun Raja Kamaraj, Brahmanantham, Danie, Kaali Venkat, Kota Srinivasa Rao, M.S.Bhaskar, Mime Gopi, Nikki Galrani, Ramdoss, Sangili Murugan

Story, Direction, Dialougues,Screenplay: ARK Saravanan

Production : Axess Film Factory ( G. Dilli Babu)

Music: Dhibu Ninan Thomas

Cinematography: P.V.Shankar

Editing: GK Prasanna

Costumes : Keerthi Vasan

Singers: Arunraja Kamaraj, Dhibu Ninan Thomas, Kapil, Pradeep Kumar, Sharanya Gopinath

Lyrics: Arunraja Kamaraj, GKB, Muthamil

PRO: Suresh Chandra..

Maragatha Nanayam is an adventurous fantasy/comedy thriller which is directed by debutant ARK saravanan, who works earlier with director Ramkumar’s superhit Tamil movie ‘Mundasupatti’.As we said in our previous article nowadays young directors were very careful to finalise their first movie.From past 4 to 5 years there were so many ghost movies got released.In that, some of them got done well at the box office, where most of them didn’t.Even though people who were getting bored of seeing comedy thriller movies, if the director delivers something in a unique way surely our people will make a hit.Either Director ARK Saravanan makes it good attempt in his first movie?? let’s check it out:

Plot: What happens if someone who try to steal a cursed emerald artefact.


our hero Senguttavan (Aadhi) and his friend Elango (Daniel Annie Pope) was a small-time smuggler.Senguttuvan agrees to steal an emerald artefact for 10crore which he doesn’t know it was cursed by the king of Irumporai.It is believed that stone makes them kill if it lays on their hand.When hero came to knew this issue with the help of his friend both of them went to met swami for seeking help to find the solution.

As advice of Swami they seek the spirit of Elango’s uncle Chithambaram to guide them.Meanwhile, spirit of Chidambaram requires the help of three friends who also spirits. finally what happens either our hero steal that emerald artefact safely or not was the rest crux of the story.

Performances :
Aadhi: So far in his career, he acted almost 15 movies in which Mirugam,Eeram, Aravaan was critically acclaimed.we hope in that list Maragatha Nanayam will also get include automatically.presented him very well wherever the director requires.

Nikki Galrani: Nikki’s character where really surprise package for the audiences.She did excellent in that way of delivering her performances.

“Munishkanth” Ramadoss : He is the real stealer of this show.In certain sequences where he delivers extremely very funny.

Daniel Annie Pope : This year seems to be great for him.In his last out of Rangoon also he delivers superb performance as well as here too.The kind of timing comedy he connects well to the audience.Emotional sequences too he handling very well.He might fill up the space of santhanam,soori’s comedy in the upcoming movies.

Arunraja Kamaraja, Anantha Raj and his team where executed their characters well as per the script needs.

Director ARK Saravanan: Only on the initial 15 mins of where the movie going very jarring but when the main USP of the movie enters, its out and out laugh riot.congrats to the director.Because nowadays lots of movies releasing in this kind of comedy-thriller genre.But those comedies tough to stick to audience mind, where this Maragatha Nanayam comedy sequences will sure never out of audiences mind that much easy.He knows and understands the jumps between comedy as well thriller sequences.well he doesn’t add much songs between the movie,which makes movie more gripper.

Dhibu Ninan Thomas : Another backbone of this movie is BGM.Even though its first movie for him the way he presented the back ground music were awesome.

P.V.Shankar’s cinematography & GK prasanna’s editing which makes this maragatha nanayam to next level.Seems like a medium budget movie but technically strong.

Keerthi vasan : Who’s the Costume designer for this movie.He clearly Understood the production value and designed well.especially Anantha Raj & his group costume were something unique & interesting.

Axess Film Factory (G.DilliBabu): one of the most important and special mentioned person of this movie Mr.Dilli Babu who’s the producer of this Maragatha Nanayam.He promoted this movie very well.

Plus :

*Dialogues and the clever execution of the screenplay.
*Munishkanth Ramadoss’s performances

Minus :
*we don’t want to notify many minus points due to the movie executed so well by the entire crew.only the first 15mins of the movie seems to be slightly dull.

Delight Rating : 3.5/5
Delight Punch : Pretty heist horror comedy , Innovative screenplay. Do watch & dare to touch this Maragatha Nanayam.

Review By Manoj Aaromaley

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