Delight Review : Peechaankai

Delight Review : Peechaankai


Cast & Crew Details :
Starring : Karthik Rs, Anjali Rao, MS Bhaskar, Vivek Prasanna , Jithendar Kumar,Paiya Ponmudi
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues,Direction: Ashok
Music: Balamurali Balu
Cinematography: Gautham Rajendran
Editing: Jomin Mathew
Singers: Antony Dasan, Sharanya Gopinath
Lyrics: Ashok, Balamurali Balu, Sharmila, Sugumar Ganesan
Production: Kirukkargal Koodam Presents, PGMuthiah, RS Karthik

“Peechaankai ” is an India’s first alien hand syndrome film, which released by yesterday.Nowadays even though a new upcoming directors also knew that like, if they want to stand /show their strength through their films that must be a unique script which is compared to the all other subjects.In that way, Director Ashok took this concept. According to wiki “Allien Hand Syndrome means a person experiences their limbs acting seemingly on their own, without control over the actions”.
let’s check it out how the movie presented ??!!!

Plot: How the society will look into a thief if he lives with principles.

Story :
Our hero Karthik who himself introducing as smoothu aka S.Muthu to all.He used to pickpocket with the help of his friends.Meanwhile, due to his genuine principles, he lost his friendship at the same time got a chance to meet his lover.But somehow heroine Anjali rao came to know about Smoothu as he was a thief and informed to the police. while the police were tried to catch him our hero met with an accident and got affected by Allien Hand Syndrome.After that how that syndrome will make him as a perfect person was rest crux of the story.

Performances :
RS Karthik: after all the small character roles which were done earlier (Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada, Maanagaram) now he debuts as the full fledged hero.The main USP of the movie is Alien Hand Syndrome which he handled /carried really very well.Kind of physical comedian role where Charlie Chaplin, Jim Carrey and in Tamil film industry Nagesh sir handled very well.Karthik too tries to explore the same, when all the time he used to beat the villains as well as police, finally he asked sorry to all which he said innocently ‘doesn’t know how its happened’.Everywhere he tries lots to deliver him perfectly and he won it too.Congrats Karthik !!

Anjali Rao: Since this movie was an experimental kind of subject her sequences were not much.But she presented well what director narrates.

Vivek Prasanna ,Ms Baskar and their team : If we want to describe their role in one word “its an outstanding performance”. From the beginning to end almost equal to the hero their portions were there inclusive of Gaja , molla maari,Gireesh, Joseph, Nalla Thambi.

Director Ashok: First of all our team Tamil Delight wants to congrats him for presenting this kind of genre which is new to our industry and he reached the success in that too.Peechankai is a movie which kind of typical soodhu kavvum. Director Ashok exhilarating and handled black comedy very well.we hope tamil industry got an another talented director !!!

Balamurali Balu: From ‘Smoothu’ and ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ songs were really good, also those songs were top of all FM stations and social medias.But in future films, he must have to concentrate on background scores.Might be kind of this black comedy genre requires something unique BGM effects and sounds.But we looking more from your upcoming movies Balamurali Balu.

Gautham Rajendran & Jomin Mathew : Both of their work were neatly presented well.Where jomin’s editing was a clear the total running time itself only 126mins (2hours 6mins) which makes more gripping to the audiences.

Plus :
*Director Ashok’s script & dialogues
*A lots of gags sequences.(Especially ‘TRP tv’ news reading sequences)
+Climax Sequences.
* wherever movie getting slow director’s fills with full of funny dialogues.(Eg: Orey naakku,orey vaakku,Orey gaja ,
misconstrue like ‘bro’ as ‘bra’ and ‘Android’as ‘undraayar” (underwear,’Selfie’ as ‘Selvi’

Minus :
*Some of the sequences looked like a serial type of one.
*slow space of Second half.

Delight Rating : 2.75/5
Delight Punch : Hilarity in the scripts where make Peechaanaki also as an important hand.

Review by Manoj Aaromaley 

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