Dulquar’s CIA !!!

Dulquar’s CIA !!!


The movie from director Amal Neerad starring Dulquer Salmaan and debutant Karthika Muralidharan is titled ‘CIA – Comrade In America’.
Comrade in America is an upcoming Malayalam political romantic comedy film. The movie was shot around Kottayam in Kerala and United States

Director: Amal Neerad
Screenplay: Shibin Francis
Music director: Gopi Sunder
Producer: Amal Neerad
Cinematography: Renu
Editor: Praveen Prabhakar
Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Karthika Muralidharan, Chandini Sreedharan, Soubin Shahir, Dileesh Pothan, Sujith Sankar, john Vijay, Jinu Joseph

From the name of this movie is all about socialist ambitions and a hero caught in the cloak-and-dagger game. But it’s not so.
Comrade in America is not a political film, but a coming-of-age romance, says the director. CIA follows Aji Mathew, Dulquer’s central Travancore hero, as he starts out on a trip of thoughts. “The film invariably chronicles his life, politics, romance and travel. There is also a social situation or political unrest that’s part of the narrative,” he adds.

Amal says CIA went on floors much earlier before all the upcoming political films were announced. “America is another main location of the film and there was some delay in getting the visas. We are not trying to fit into any trend and Aji Mathew was not expected to land in the middle of all leftist heroes,” he says.

Iyobinte Pusthakam, his last film on left politics and Amal says CIA is more like a continuation. “Iyobnte Makkal has a specific personal storyline, but politics is what sets the backdrop. In both Iyob and CIA there is a story that’s happening in the foreground,” he says.

“Think CIA and what first comes to your mind is a slew of heavy-duty US spy thrillers. Getting another acronym for Central Intelligence Agency, the most venerable member of America’s Intelligence Community, was no coincidence,” says Amal. “Taking the familiar initials and giving it another expansion was an absolutely conscious act. America and its politics are also part of the film and to decode the connection you will have to watch Comrade in America.”

“It’s a normal Malayalam film made with a normal budget, there is nothing over-the-top about the money part,” he says. “It’s also a film in which me, Dulquer, Gopi Sundar, Soubin and Dileesh Pothan are coming together after Kullante Bharya.” Comrade in America, bankrolled by Amal Neerad Productions.
In cinemas on 5th May.