Vivegam – Delight Review

Vivegam – Delight Review


Review by Karthik Aarumugam

It has been a long wait for ‘thala’ fans since Vedalam, then came the first look of Vivegam the latest in the Ajith – Siva combo making the hardcore fans excited. Following the hugely appreciated teaser, trailer and songs the movie got released today the 24th of August marking Ajith Kumar’s 25th year in film industry. Here’s our take on the movie


Betrayal is the core plot of the movie. And how the betrayed saves the world with his rage forms the rest of the story.


Ajay Kumar a.k.a AK ( Ajith Kumar ) and his four friends are the best of the lot in the interpol anti terrorist squad. They are all equally good in their own ways. They come to know about a huge nuclear weapon threat to the world and get assigned to find ‘Natasha’ a hacker who holds the key to deactivate the weapon.

AK leaves his loveable wife (gorgeous Kajal Agarwal) for the sake of the assignment. He makes a lot of intelligent moves to find Natasha. After he finds her, AK gets to know his true enemies. How he saves his wife and the world from the nuclear threat is shown in such a spectacular way.


Ajith Kumar: Carries the entire movie on his powerful shoulder. His best action performance till date. His chemistry with Kajal has worked out well. The man shows the world his dedication and commendable work.

Vivek Oberoi: A real good comeback movie for Vivek Oberoi. His body language is very crisp and apt for the character.

Kajal Agarwal: a completely different role for Kajal. She’s portrays a never before seen role of her. Very expressive in her eyes.


* Thala – the man is a Phoenix for real. Couldn’t believe one would risk so much right after his injury and surgery for his fans. He does it so effortlessly. Couldn’t hear a dialogue coz of the FDFS effect. Yet another stylish outing for Thala.

* Siva – the director knows the best way to project his hero. The intention for a fast paced action movie is evident. His best by far till date.

* Anirudh – be it the chart-buster songs or the BGM, he has elevated the feel of the entire movie. He has given the right mix of EDM and Classical music. What variety mate!!! True class.

* Vetri – DOP has nailed it. It’s a bull’s eye. Vetri has given us a visual treat especially the kaadhalada song and bike stunt scenes. Fabulous work.

Stunt – Kaloyan Vodenicharov & Ganesh have excelled in their forte. Easily the best stunt choreography of the year. The duo have understood Thala’s strengths and have pulled off some extraordinary stunt sequences. Astounding job. Expectations exceeded. Hats off.


* the movie shuffles between the nuclear weapon and revenge plots. The motto isn’t very clear. The effect of the weapon if shown as visuals would have been the last check in the list.

* As usual the villain keeps praising the Hero just like any Siva movie.


Siva & team have delivered a box office macho. ‘Thiruvizha’ for thala fans. It’s not just a meal for them but a buffet they can cherish for ever. No dull moment in the movie. There’s Akshara Hassan and Vivek Oberoi who have done meaty roles in the movie which I feel shouldn’t be revealed. Thala proves yet again that hard work never fails.
Very clever execution of the script. Vivegam is a movie never to be missed. .

#DelightPunch :Get your tickets but if you couldn’t, #NEVEREVERGIVEUP
#DelightRating : 3.5/5